Rattle Bunny Two-Legged - free pattern

Two pictures of a crocheted bunny stuffed animal.
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This Rattle Bunny Two-Legged crochet project from Lanukas looks so simple yet so fun. It will make a lovely cuddly toy for your child or a wonderful birthday gift idea. This amigurumi crochet pattern requires you to know how to work in the round as well as increase and decrease stitches. It will be an easy project for intermediates and adventurous beginners who would like to take their crochet skills up a notch.

When crocheting this piece use fingering yarn paired with a 3 mm hook size to get your stitches properly tight. Make sure to use two contrasting shades to produce that delightful look. Black-colored scraps of yarn or embroidery floss will do well for making facial features for this little fella. You work the bunny’s ears separately to sew them to the body at the end. For the final touches be sure to add a cute fluffy pom pom tail. If you would like to give Rattle Bunny Two-Legged to a baby, you can stuff it with some sort of rustling filling.