Pine Cross Summer Top - free pattern

A green crocheted top with fringes.
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The Pine Cross Summer Top crochet pattern by Andrea Cretu offers a stylish and lightweight garment perfect for the warmer months. Designed with DK weight yarn and 3.5 mm and 5.0 mm hooks, it comes in sizes S, M, and L, catering to different body types.

Ideal for intermediate crocheters, this summer top features a unique design with granny squares. The diagonals of the squares create flattering bust and waist shaping, adding a touch of elegance to the garment.

For those who prefer to use thinner yarn than recommended, the pattern offers flexibility. Simply adjust the number of rows for each square to reach the recommended size for the desired garment size. This customization allows crocheters to tailor the summer top to their preferences and achieve the perfect fit.

With its stylish design and customizable features, the Pine Cross Summer Top is a versatile addition to any wardrobe, offering comfort and sophistication for casual outings or special occasions alike.