Mariko Afghan Square - free pattern

crochet granny square in blue colors and a textured design
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Add intricate texture to your crochet collection with the Mariko Afghan Square crochet pattern by Diana Krenz! This intermediate project is a great way to hone your skills. Use it to create a gorgeous 12-inch afghan block that can be used for display on its own, or as part of a larger design like a blanket or throw.

The Mariko Afghan Square can be made in DK or worsted yarn so you can choose the weight suitable for your planned project. Keep in mind that your choice of yarn will dictate how soft and thick your finished product will be. The pattern itself uses several crochet techniques to create a deeply textured and visually intriguing square.

If you want to challenge your crochet skills and have something special and enduring at the end, the Mariko Afghan Square is right for you! Perfect as a thoughtful gift, or used to build your unique and beautiful afghan.