Folded Leaf Scrunchie - free pattern

a set of crochet scrunchies shaped like flowers in different colors
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It doesn’t matter whether you want to keep your hair tidy or add more flair to your outfit, this Folded Leaf Scrunchie from Crochet ‘n’ Create is both beautiful and functional. It’s shaped like a folded petal flower which makes it look really lovely and stylish. This scrunchie crochet pattern is easy to work with basic and tall stitches worked around a hair elastic. Therefore, every beginner should feel ready to give it a try. Once you get the hang of it, you can create a whole batch of these lovely hair ties to always keep one around.

For the same great results, be sure to use DK yarn. It won’t make your crochet scrunchies overly thick but they will be durable enough to last really long. The hair ties make great stash-busting projects which means you can use scraps in any color you like. This Folded Leaf Scrunchie pattern is definitely worth giving it a try!