Author: Crochet 'n' Create

Meet Heather Davidson, the passionate owner of Crochet’n’Create, a treasure trove of crochet projects and wisdom. With over 400 original patterns, Heather is not only a designer but a dedicated writer and blogger, sharing her crochet expertise with the world.

Heather’s love for crochet was ignited at the young age of 12, a skill passed down through generations from her great-grandmother. She’s come a long way since her early years of crafting, evolving from creating cozy blankets to fashioning unique baby outfits for her loved ones. Each creation was a product of her artistic intuition, never recorded in writing.

Around 2006, Heather realized the value of her craft and decided to put her patterns up for sale. Her journey began on eBay, and in 2008, she launched her first website,, featuring an array of delightful baby outfits.

As her online presence expanded, Heather recognized the need to accommodate both UK and USA crochet stitch formats, ensuring her patterns were accessible to a broader audience. Her dedication to providing versatile and user-friendly patterns culminated in the birth of her second website, PatternsForCrochet.

Today, both of Heather’s websites offer an extensive selection of patterns for various crochet projects, from lovely appliques to charming baby blankets, elegant shawls, and delightful home decor. Heather’s creations are a harmonious blend of practicality and beauty.

Discover a wealth of crochet knowledge, free patterns, and step-by-step tutorials on Heather’s blog, and join the thriving community that has embraced her work.

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