Flower Cloche Womens Hat - free pattern

Two pictures of knitted hats on a mannequin.
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Elevate your style with the Flower Cloche Women’s Hat crochet pattern by Kim Guzman. Inspired by vintage designs, this charming cloche hat exudes sophistication and timeless appeal. The pattern recommends Lion Brand Re-Spun Bonus Bundle yarn, ensuring a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Crafted with an easy-to-follow pattern, this women’s hat is a quick project that can be completed in less than three hours. The finished hat boasts a Women’s Size 22″ circumference, making it suitable for a variety of head sizes. The total height of 8.5″ provides a classic silhouette reminiscent of the glamorous hats of yesteryear.

To add a touch of flair, the pattern includes an optional flower embellishment, allowing you to customize your hat to suit your personal style. Whether you’re a crochet enthusiast looking for a delightful project or someone searching for a fashionable accessory, the Flower Cloche Women’s Hat is a delightful choice. Embrace the elegance of vintage fashion with this crochet pattern, and showcase your creativity with a hat that stands the test of time.