Camellia Butterfly Pillow Blanket - free pattern

a crochet throw and pillow with an intricate design
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The Camellia Butterfly Pillow Blanket crochet pattern by Susan’s Family is a stunning and versatile home accessory. Crafted with Susan’s Family Combed Cotton yarn in sport weight and a 3.0 mm crochet hook, this intricate design features butterflies and camellia flowers as the main motifs. The pattern incorporates a variety of stitches, including post stitches, tall stitches, popcorns, and puffs, creating a rich, textured fabric.

Once the main part of the blanket is completed you can add buttons and turn it into a beautiful pillow. This dual functionality makes the Camellia Butterfly Pillow Blanket perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your living space while providing practical use. It’s an excellent project for advanced crocheters who enjoy detailed and rewarding crochet work. This pattern also makes a thoughtful and beautiful gift, combining aesthetic appeal with functionality. Check out the free crochet pattern now or save it on your project’s list!