Blank Canvas Baby Blanket - free pattern

A white blanket with a blue stripe, perfect for a lake sunset picnic.
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If you are looking for a last-minute baby shower gift, the Blank Canvas Baby Blanket from Crochetpedia is just what need. Its small size makes it the perfect crochet project a beginner crocheter should work up in a couple of hours. If you’ve just started your crochet journey and already know a few basic stitches, it will make an easy task for you. This crochet baby blanket pattern will take you through a little bit of increase and decrease, so you can be sure to learn something new when making it as well.

The Blank Canvas Baby Blanket features a lovely design and incredibly soft fabric. The centre of the blanket is made all in white, while the border is where you introduce the colours. It makes it look like a blank canvas with a frame! Can you see that too? Use Aran yarn to get the same stunning texture and cosy feel. You can change up the colours of the edging any way you like. Adding a hint of pink will create a gorgeous crochet blanket for a baby girl!