Baby Yoda Amigurumi - free pattern

A picture of a star wars yoda and a bottle of liquor.
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If you have any Star Wars fans in your family, you can surprise them with a cool Baby Yoda Amigurumi crochet mascot. It comes designed in high detail with a cute little robe, a tiny nose, and two big ears. Place it on your favorite shelf or next to your bed and make sure that the force is with you! Since it’s a really small piece you can turn it very easily into an adorable keyfob as well.

The Baby Yoda Amigurumi crochet pattern will suit every intermediate crocheter. It uses the back loops only and a lot of increasing and decreasing stitches that won’t cause any trouble for anyone with medium skill. The baby Yoda’s robe is worked separately with a larger crochet hook. Make sure to use sport yarn in green and beige colors to preserve the original look of the character. Check out the free crochet pattern and don’t hesitate to give this fun project a try!