A patchwork collage of women wearing knitted cardigans and hats.

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While it’s good to prep for various holidays, sometimes it’s nice to crochet for the sake of crocheting.

Therefore, here are some projects that allow you to treat yourself just for you. Of course, what better way than nice sweaters, and a patchwork cardigan has to near the acme of that. Indeed, there is something so classic, yet so playful and joyous in a sweater that’s made of little crocheted squares. Moreover, they are infinitely customizable, because modifications can range from the whole cardi in one type of square to each square different, and anything in between. Truly, you can go from order to chaos and back, and define your own style down to the stitch, all while having so much fun.

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Summer Patchwork Cardigan

As traditional granny squares never will be outdated, year after year they hold a come back with  new, vivid color compositions. A square-based cardigan is an easy way to create something eye-catching and extraordinary for this spring.

Summer Patchwork CardiganThe full article about this pattern is on garnstudio.com:

Summer Patchwork Cardigan

Patchwork Party Cardi

Although it looks like squares, this patchwork cardigan is made from strips to minimize seaming and number of ends to weave in. Therefore, it also get an interesting texture effect as well.

Patchwork Party CardiThe full article about this pattern is on Make and Do Crew Crochet:

Patchwork Party Cardi

Patchwork Cardigan

Finally, this patch cardi is another interesting solution. Overall, it uses elongated strips in a vertical orientation to yield a flowing, almost water-fall like effect. Wow! Without a doubt this one will be a favorite for many people.

Patchwork CardiganThe full article about this pattern is on TL Yarn Crafts blog:

Patchwork Cardigan

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