This Neat Ripple Pattern will be perfect in any colour you choose.

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Perfect either for a baby blanket or bedspread. You can choose any colours that fit your nursery or bedroom.

You can pick us any colors you want and as many colours you want and it will always look beautiful and unique, number of possible hue combinations is limitless. Also, the ripple pattern is much more vibrant and interesting than an equivalent combination of straight lines. It draws the eye, and is very inviting to the touch. Can you think of where this beautiful blanket would fit in your house? For more free designs every day follow us on Facebook. Link to that pattern is below

This Neat Ripple Pattern will be perfect in any colour you choose.
Photos: Crossroad Knits Liz
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Photos: KnitKnatKnotUK

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Neat Ripple – visit the free pattern site .

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