Mesmerizing pictures of a mosaic blanket.

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While Christmas holds sway, other themes are every bit as valid.

So, to take a break from all the “Ho, Ho, Ho!” why not take on a mesmerizing mosaic blanket? After all, these are likely the most eye-pleasing, yet mind-boggling designs. Indeed, you can’t help but to let your eye wander over them, captivated by the interplay of the lines and colors. Of course, a mosaic blanket can be simpler and more soothing as well. Thus, there is really no limit on what you can do with them. Indeed, while we are speaking of taking a break from Christmas crocheting, there is no reason you can’t do a mosaic in Yuletide-themed colors. After all, the only limits are your imagination and taste.

Mosaic Cross Throw

To wit, let’s start our delve into mesmerizing mosaic blankets with this one, mosaic and optical illusion in one. To summarize, this easy blanket uses a repeating pattern and a color gradient to give a beautiful illusion of depth. Specifically, I find this blanket very energizing, because if you look at it the right way the depth actually appears to be a height. Consequently, the pattern looks a bit like a star burst.

Mosaic Cross Throw

Go to the pattern: Mosaic Cross Throw

More info about project photographed on Ravelry.

Nya “Infinity” Mosaic Blanket

Next, if you prefer linear rather than concentric gradients, you can make this mesmerizing mosaic blanket. Overall, by using fine patterning and simple stitches this is a much more soothing and less energetic. However, that also has its place. Furthermore, the gentler patterning will also be a much better fit for a greater variety of interiors. In particular, this is especially true for ones where a more energetic pattern would clash.

Nya "Infinity" Mosaic Blanket

Go to the pattern: Nya “Infinity” Mosaic Blanket

More info about project photographed on Ravelry.

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