Lovely Puppies [Free Crochet Patterns]

Lovely Puppies [Free Crochet Patterns]
Two crocheted stuffed animals are laying next to each other.

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In the recent spate of squares, stitches, clothing and afghans, let’s take a little detour into amigurumi. Specifically, these ami puppies are a great way to endear yourself to the kids in the family. They’ll make a great bedtime companion or addition to the stuffed toy collection. Moreover, with safety eyes, they will also make a great toy for the baby or exploring toddler, particularly if made from hypoallergenic yarns and stuffing. Enjoy these lovely doggies as a break from more “serious” crocheting, or in their own right as a worthwhile project.
 Link to the free pattern is below.
Designers:  The witch and the Unicorn/ Rachel Hoe
Lovely puppies free crochet patternsphotos: The witch and the Unicorn/ Little Yarn Friends/Amy Chou

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