Lattice Pie Pot Holder Free Crochet Pattern

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As is almost spring, it’s good to make something new to your kitchen. This sweet as a pie pot holders are a nice project to make for yourself or the perfect gift for your friends for any occasion. You can make a set of different ‘flavor’ Lattice Pie Pot Holders, e.g. strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, key lime, so everyone in your family can have his favorite pie!

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Pie Oven Mitts / Potholder

This yummy-looking pie can be used as an oven mitt, potholder or trivet. It is a great  gift idea for a friend or someone you appreciate a lot.
photo and design: Melanie Moreau

Pie Potholder
The full article about this pattern is here:

 Pie Oven Mitts/ Potholder

Lattice Pie Pot Holder Crochet Pattern

UPDATE: Sorry, this pattern is not longer available for free. 

Skills: Easy   Designer:  Kelly Maust

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