Four pictures of knitted ball ornaments hanging on a tree.

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The holiday season is just around the corner, and what better way to add a touch of warmth and charm to your Christmas tree decorations than with handmade, knitted ball ornaments? In this post, we’ll explore the best free patterns available online and guide you through creating delightful decorations for your festive celebrations. Let your tree be traditional and handmade, but a touch modern too. Traditional is back in. 

Christmas Pudding Bauble

There can’t be a more traditional Holiday dessert than a Christmas pudding. Remember “So gives a h=figgy pudding?” Kick off your holiday crafting with the adorable Christmas Pudding Bauble by Amanda Berry. This pattern, available on Ravelry, brings a sweet and festive twist to traditional ball ornaments. The simplicity of the design makes it a perfect project for knitters of all skill levels. 

A knitted ball ornament with holly and berries.

The pattern is available on Ravelry.

Balls Up! by General Hogbuffer

For a playful and quirky addition to your Christmas tree, consider the Balls Up! pattern by General Hogbuffer. Found on  Ravelry,  this pattern adds a touch of naughty whimsy to your holiday decor. With its unique texture and eye-catching design, these ornaments are sure to stand out in the midst of twinkling lights. I absolutely love the combo of red and white, but you KNOW that the color scheme is up to yoiu.

A deer head with red ball ornaments hanging from it.

Knitted Christmas Ornament Covers 

Take your holiday decorating to the next level with the Knitted Christmas Ornament Covers by Judy Sumner, available on Ravelry. This versatile pattern allows you to customize your ball ornaments with a variety of festive covers, making each decoration uniquely yours.

Those ornament covers are a fantastic way to showcase your knitting prowess and creativity. Moreover, the texture is just fabulous and it allows you to view the inner glow of the glass bulb. Amazing!

A blue knit Christmas ornament hanging from a tree.

A blue knit Christmas ornament hanging from a tree.
Crocheted ball ornament cover pattern.

Let it Snow by Drops Design

Next, let’s have a gander at a bulb that’s just as fabulous as your absolutely favourite knit sweater. Embrace the beauty of winter with the Let it Snow pattern by Drops Design. These snowflake-adorned knit ball ornaments capture the magic of a snowy day, making them a timeless addition to your holiday collection.

The clear instructions provided by Drops Design ensure that knitters of all levels can create these stunning ornaments with ease. Finally, playing with shades of white and off-white can really set a tree apart with snow-like play of light.

Knit ball ornament.

Two white knit ball ornaments hanging on a branch.

This pattern is  featured on the DROPS Design blog

Snowball Ornament by Pam Powers

Finally, here is a memory from childhood: the perfect, round, ideal snowball. Round out your handmade ornament collection with the charming Snowball Ornament by Pam Powers. This pattern adds a touch of elegance to your tree.

The simplicity of the design, combined with the timeless appeal of snowballs, makes these ornaments a classic choice for any Christmas tree. Don’t you just want to heft and throw it? The pattern is available  here.

A white knitted ball ornament hanging from a branch.

Free knitting pattern for a snowball ornament.

Free knitting pattern for a snowball ornament.

As you embark on your holiday crafting journey, these free knitted ball ornament patterns offer a perfect blend of simplicity and festive flair. They’re an ideal combination of the classic and the modern, grandma and granddaughter.

Whether you choose the Christmas Pudding Bauble, Balls Up!, Knitted Christmas Ornament Covers, Let it Snow, or the Snowball Ornament, your tree is sure to shine with handmade charm. Get your needles ready, and let the joy of knitting bring warmth and merriment to your holiday season. I think that this will be a fabulous Christmas project, and a great way to make both decorations and lovely gifts.


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