Island Play Set Free Crochet Pattern
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Island Play Set Free Crochet Pattern

Who needs name brand tropical island play sets? Not you, the crafty and resourceful crocheter! This pattern, or more properly, collection of patterns will enable you to make your very own tropical island play set. Not only will it look nicer than those hideously expensive plastic things sold in stores, but it will be safe for kids of all ages, and be a favorite plaything for your young’uns. Not only that, you can give this as a gift that will always be well received, or keep it for yourself as a decorative piece. Best part? This is an easy pattern that will work up very quickly, and certainly the smaller components can use up yarn ends that always seem to accumulate.

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Skills: Easy   Designer: Jennifer Olivarez
Island Play Set Free Crochet Pattern
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Island Play Set – visit the free pattern site.



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robin sudolic 11 November 2018 at 9:19 pm

complimenty, excellent work! Can I have work shame for personal work?


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