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Kate is a designer and content creator, specializing in crafts and textile-related topics. She runs the Crochetpedia website, where she shares her crochet patterns, teaches through video tutorials, and researches crochet techniques. The experience as a pattern designer and education in fashion helped her better understand the world of textiles and handicraft. Kate comes from the family of makers, knitting and sewing from the early age. She lives by the Polish seaside with her partner and a dog.

Let us introduce to you Daiga Talentiene – the mastermind behind BebaBlanket! Her stunning mosaic crochet designs are known all over the crochet world.

Sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the secrets of her work 🙂


How did you start crocheting?

Knitting was my first addiction since I was a teenager. I had learned crocheting simply out of curiosity some years later. Soon after, crochet hook took over and I rarely knit now. I have been crocheting my own designs since I learned how to hold a hook in my hands and some stitches. In my entire life I followed one pattern only and to be honest, I have never crocheted a simple granny square. I just enjoy the creating part so much!

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Why did you choose mosaic crochet, what is so special about it?

Mosaic crochet is such an easy technique with unlimited possibilities. I absolutely love geometric and symmetric designs and the mosaic crochet technique is so perfect to show off the beauty of such patterns.

 Mosaic crochet blanket

Love Puzzle Baby Blanket by BebaBlanket /

What piece of advice would you give to crocheters who want to learn mosaic crochet?

Do not feel afraid or intimidated! Mosaic crochet is so much easier than it looks! If you know how to crochet back loop single crochet (US) and front loop double crochet (US), you can do it! Learn to read charts. It is so easy as well and it makes your mosaic crochet journey so much smoother.

When you first started crocheting, did you think it would be your main source of income (if it is)?

Honestly, I never dreamed of it or planned it. It has been just a hobby for many years. I was sharing my patterns for free for some time and crocheters started encouraging me to start selling my patterns… and here I am… 5 years already since I officially released my first pattern. I’m enjoying this journey so much. I am learning something new every day and am happy to share my knowledge with others.

Who inspired you to start crocheting?

As mentioned before, I started crocheting out of curiosity. Just wanted to try it. And I loved it!

 Square BebaBlanket

BiS. Mitered Apache Square by BebaBlanket /

Can you walk us through your creative process?

Oh, that would be a very long story with different turns… When I was creating non-mosaic patterns, usually I would just take a crochet hook, yarn, my notebook with pen and let the imagination loose… not forgetting about keeping notes.

Now, that I got addicted to mosaic crochet, the process starts with drawing a chart in Excel. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes it takes months to make it as good as I want. After the chart is ready and polished, I crochet my sample and correct the mistakes if I find any.

The next step is to write the pattern and include all important and useful information. When the pattern is polished and my sample is ready, my pattern testing team is taking over. They check the pattern if there are no mistakes, we make corrections. The editor looks through and we make any other corrections.

The next step is to make translations. And not to forget one important step before the pattern release – to make pictures. This is one of my favorite parts. I really love taking pictures and it’s incredible to watch how my photography skills improved as well.

The next step is pattern release and marketing – that’s always the most exciting and busy day. You never know how well the pattern will be received. Trying to figure out what people like is the hugest mystery for me, but I have never created any pattern “on request”. I always create what I want, what I like, and what I enjoy. And I am happy when crocheters like it as well.

 Creative ideas for blanket

Frozen Berries Blanket by BebaBlanket /

Do you have any routines that help you get into creative mode?

As a creative person, I hardly have any routine. I crochet when I want to, I sit at the computer to create designs when I want to, and I sit to write patterns when I have to. All computer work has to be done while my twins are at school, so I can concentrate and don’t have to worry that any of my kids will push the wrong button at the most critical time. They are only 6 years old, so I do not take any chances. Better safe than sorry.

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Have you been influenced by other designers (if so, by whom)?

That is something I am trying to avoid. It’s not possible not to see other designers’ work, but I just scroll down. I want the design idea comes from me, not from something I have seen already.

 Designer blanket

Aztecana by BebaBlanket /

Have you experienced creative blocks (lost cro-jo), and if so, how do you
overcome them?

Hmmm… trying to think if it ever happened to me…. No, I don’t think so… but it happened that I was so busy with something else that I could not crochet for a few days… I was eager to take a crochet hook in my hands as soon as possible!!!

What are your creative plans for the future?

My nearest plans are to continue exploring mosaic crochet and to dive deeper to see what other possibilities are this technique caring. I already have some ideas, but let them be a secret for now. Sending you lots of love and I wish you unlimited crochet time!


About Daiga Talentiene

 daiga scaled

Daiga is a crochet designer who specializes in mosaic crochet.

FIND BEBABLANKET HERE:   |   YouTube   |   Instagram   |   Ravelry   |   Facebook

Daiga Talentiene is a crochet enthusiast and full-time mom. She has been crocheting for about 25 years and only in 2018 discovered her joy for creating crochet patterns! Along with her testers team, she’s doing her best to release the patterns mistakes-free! Each pattern she creates has been tested by at least 3 testers. She hopes to share these beauties with other crochet lovers, just like her!


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