Christmas mosaic ideas and free crochet patterns

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Geometry for the Holidays

While mosaics aren’t traditionally associated with Christmas, they are certainly a worthwhile technique for making holiday-themed items. Moreover, they can be a simple method to produce wonderful, lively images for any occasion. Thus, here are some Christmas mosaic patterns to keep you occupied in the run up to December 25th. Overall, they are wonderful little pieces that can be decorations for larger items, or individual little gems that will grace any place you put them. Of course, they are also fun little nothings that may also decorate some presents or Christmas clothing. Indeed, ugly Christmas sweater, anyone?

Christmas Bulb Ornament

To begin with, the first Christmas mosaic is an iconic image of a bauble ornament. In particular, notice how the simple geometric shapes make a larger, complex image.

Designer: Jess Coppom

Christmas Bulb Ornament Go to the pattern:

Christmas Bulb Ornament

Candy Canes Mosaic

Next, a Christmas mosaic doesn’t need square tiles. Therefore here is a traditional image made using almost houndstooth elements enabling a greater resolution and a finer image.

Designer: Robyn B Kaleta

candy cane mosaic scaledGo to the pattern:

Candy Canes Mosaic

more info about project also here.

Country Christmas Church

Of course, one of the most iconic Christmas mosaic images is a country church in a snowy field. Indeed, this a particularly good example of a picture for mosaic making.

Designer: StringyDingDing

mosaic christmas church scaledGo to the pattern:

Country Church Mosaic

Mosaic Christmas

However, a Christmas mosaic can also be a little more abstract. To this point, here is a tree and snowflakes pattern that’s both festive and very modern.

Designer: BebaBlanket

mosaic christmas scaledGo to the pattern:

Mosaic Christmas

more info about project photographed here.

Stained Glass Star Ornaments

Finally, one of the most common ornaments for Christmas are stained glass designs. Therefore, here is a stained glass Christmas mosaic. Moreover, even though each one is a mosaic in itself, they can also be building blocks for a larger mosaic as well. Amazing!

Designer: Madlandia Forever

bebda158 stained glass star ornament scaledGo to the pattern:

Stained Glass Star Ornaments

more info about project photographed here.

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