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Crochet Mosaic Potholder Ideas

We’ve done big mosaics. Time for some small ones.

While it’s true that mosaics are particularly useful for large projects with lots of surface area, they can also be adapted to a smaller format. To this point, here are some small crochet mosaic potholder ideas, which can be used both as a potholder and a trivet. Aside from that, they are also super decorative and will be great to add a splash of color to a kitchen or pantry. Although not overly complicated and quick, these are definitely some of the most useful home outfitting projects.

Magazine Summer 2022

Crochet Mosaic Potholder

To begin with, this crochet mosaic potholder uses quadrants of repeating patterns to generate a truly spectacular effect. Indeed, the combination of an almost snowflake-like pattern and flame orange is wonderful.

The potholder

The full article about this pattern is here:

 The Potholder


Elements Potholder

Earth, wind, sun, fire, indeed this crochet mosaic potholder has it all. Moreover, you can make each of the elements in any color you choose, to really liven up the table.

The full information about this project are here:

Elements Blanket CAL or you can go directly to the Youtube tutorial:


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Magazine Summer 2022

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