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Hubble the Squid Free Crochet Pattern

Hubble the Squid Free Crochet Pattern

You will like Hubble the Squid pattern as it is a very easy with no sewing at all. He’s crocheted in one piece and only eyes are sewed. As very popular amigurumi octopus, squid can be little helper in therapy for premature babies. It was discovered that tentacles of these toys remind premies of prenatal life and give them safety needed to grow faster. Link to a free pattern is below.

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Skills: Easy            Designer: Projectarian

Hubble the Squid Free Crochet Pattern

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Hubble the Squid

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Janet Swarz 27 November 2018 at 2:28 am

I am just loving Hubble! It is the first amigurumi that I have been able to do, and I am doing him, over and over again! Thanks for the great pattern!


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