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How to personalize your phone accessories

Crocheting is a pleasant contrast to high tech

If you are constantly looking for your phone cord, pods or earphones it is high time to dedicate your crochet passion to make your life easier. Therefore, with these patterns, you can easily personalize your and your family’s accessories to make them recognizable and easy to find. While crocheting may seem a little anachronistic,  it can create useful, fun accessories for your advanced gadgetry, giving it a personal and homey touch. Thus, we have collected some ideas to personalize your phone accessories. Additionally, since they are easy and quick, you can enjoy your projects or modify them as you wish.

Kitty Airpod Case

To begin with, these funny airpod cases are a super-clever way to personalize your phone accessories. This kitty cat will keep your pods nice and toasty.

SkillsEasy        Designer: Crocket Crochet

Kitty airpod case

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Kitty Airpod Cases


Ivy Cord for Your Phone

On the other hand, clever ideas for the iphone aren’t limited to cases. You have doubtless had a problem  with finding your ipad or phone cord at home when someone else “borrowed” it? Accordingly, here is a solution: a crochet-decorated cable cord giving your cable a personal and artsy look. In contrast to other “tags” which fall off quickly, this phone accessory stays in place and will be a joy to look for a long time.

SkillsEasy        Designer: Jonas Matthies

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Ivy Cord


Dog Airpod Case

On the other hand, this dog is a vastly different way to personalize your phone accessories. I mean how can anything be sweeter than puppies in an eclair?

SkillsEasy        Designer: Crocket Crochet

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Sweet Airpod Cases


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