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Busy little bees crochet honeycombs

So, if you are a busy bee, these patterns will be your favourite. They also a great gift for every bee fan. Overall, honeycombs are a super interesting geometric pattern, because they are the most efficient way to pack a volume in another volume. Moreover, they are also quite beautiful, with the open angles of the hexagons and the visually broad surfaces they make. Therefore, they also make a wonderful theme for making crocheted accessories. So, if you want to celebrate bees, honey and this little miracle of nature, here are some honeycomb inspired kitchen accessories.

Honeycomb Kitchen Towel

First, our journey into honeycomb inspired kitchen accessories starts with a pattern for a kitchen towel. To summarize, this is a super easy pattern that will be a fund way to get into this topic.

Honeycomb Kitchen Towel

Go to the free pattern: Honeycomb Kitchen Towel

More info about project photographed here.

Honeycomb Wash Cloth

Although honeycomb inspired kitchen accessories come in many forms, wash cloths are one of the most useful. Therefore, here is a Here is my crochet pattern for a beautiful and reusable one. In particular,  I love the use of voids to set out the hexagons.

Honeycomb Wash Cloth

Go to the free pattern: Honeycomb Wash Cloth

Honeycomb Bread Bag

Of course, other projects can be honeycomb inspired kitchen accessories as well. Consequently, this drawstring bread bag is just such a pattern, perfect for storing or bringing home fresh bread.

Honeycomb Bread Bag

Go to the free pattern: Honeycomb Bread Bag

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