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Whether they’re a traditional prickly denizen of local shrubbery or Sonic blazing across the land, hedgehogs are one of the greatest crochet themes.

Their prickly backs and cute noses are sweet and cute, thus making each single one adorable and beautiful. Why not start your adventure with these indisputably lovely animals with one of our crochet hedgehog free crochet patterns? What’s more, these are easy, highly customizable and, most of all, a joy and loads of fun to make. Lastly, you can also look forward to your child’s eyes lighting up like two candles when they get these beauties in their hands.

Hedgehog Punk Free Crochet Pattern

This punk hedgehog is such a wild departure from your  run-of-the-mill demure little animal. Indubitably,  this ‘hog is here for a wild night on the town. Conversely, it’s small size also means that you can use up yarn scraps as well.

Designer:  The Crocheting Andreas

Hedgehog Punk

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Hedgehog Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

This is a rainbow-colored but traditionally shaped hedgehog. Indeed, can’t you just imagine this little guy rolling into a ball and spiking his rainbow for all to see? However, a traditional monochrome is also possible. Therefore, you needn’t pass this one over, if you want a classic, grey-brown critter.

Designer:  Ambros Crochet

Hedgehog Amigurumi

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Diddy Hedgehog Free Crochet Pattern

Finally, we have Diddy the Hedgehog, with her lovely, lumpy “quills”. This is an easy pattern with a fun take on the subject theme. Diddy is a fun little toy that will definitely be a great way to populate any display or room.

Skills: Easy               Designer: Sarah Lyons
Diddy Hedgehog Free Crochet Pattern

photos: Birgittehk/ Sarah Lyons

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