Keychain Flip Flops Slippers Sandals Free Crochet Tutorial

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Keychain Flip Flop Crochet Sandals is a very cute project. It’s perfect for sale on a fair stand or as a quick gift for a friend. 

Here you will find 2 crochet sandals projects. In the first one, together with Francesca Uncinettando Crochet&Love,  we will learn how to make these tiny keychain crochet flip-flops. It is a very nice and quick project, perfect for small gifts for your friends or relatives.

The flip flops free pattern comes with a video tutorial. Although the free pattern video is not in English, the pattern is easy to follow, especially if you turn on English subtitles.

If you prefer follow an English tutorial and/or written pattern, you will definitely like the second project. The keychain Flip-Flop Crochet Sandals by Whistle and Ivy is as fun and easy to make.

1.Keychain Flip-Flops

Flip flips are lightweight crochet slippers that you can create in mini version. Using beginner techniques, like single crochet or slip stitch, a pair of flip flops can be made in no time.

The flip flop straps look great in contrasting yarn color. Flip flop sole free pattern can be a base to many other crochet projects.

Keychain Flip Flops Slippers Sandals Free Crochet Tutorial
photos: Francesca UncinettandoCrochet&Love


2.Keychain Flip Flop Slippers Sandals

Here is another pattern for crochet sandals keychains. Although this one is a bit more stylized, it has a certain cuteness and playfulness to it. This is also one of easy free crochet patterns. It means you should not have any problems making a bunch of them, if needed.

Flip-flop keychain sandals

The full article about this pattern is here:

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  1. Hi what does Inc stand for? In the flipflop key chain tutorial please

    1. Bridgette Smith says:

      probably increase –

  2. Carol Elaine Kahler says:

    increase is where instead on one stitch in the next space you do 2

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