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Halter Top

Summer… halter top weather. Og gosh! I need to crochet up some halter tops!!

We all love halter tops. They are attractive, comfortable and fun, however they can be as naughty and tarty as you care to make them. There is absolutely no limit on the color variations you can make. Moreover, you can show as much, or as little skin as you wish. These are easy projects to make, even easier to wear, and conversely, they can be worn just saute, or overtop other clothes. Either way, these are great patterns for summer clothing fot for the beach or, indeed, just for any casual occasion. Please have a look at these halter top free crochet tutorials. A link to free patterns is included under the photos.

Magazine Summer 2022

Basic Bralette Free Crochet Pattern

This bralette is a simple and quick halter with a deep cut and backless straps. Consequently it will be a great bikini top for the beach and ideally for a surfing outing in the sand and waves.

Designer : Regina Weiss

Basic Bralette

The full article about this pattern is here:

Basic Bralette


Crop Halter Leaves Top Free Crochet Tutorial

Here is a slightly more developed top that gives you more coverage, but is still bare enough for the sunshine. Although it looks more intricate, it’s still an easy pattern for your enjoyment.

Designer : Jane Green

Halter Top

The tutorial is here:

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Magazine Summer 2022

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