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Fluffy Christmas Tree Free Crochet Patterns

Simply Stunning Christmas Tree

[Simply Stunning] Christmas Tree Free Crochet Pattern

It’s Christmas time in the… everywhere. As it approaches, it’s time to decorate. These lovely 3.5″ trees are a great way to cough-cough… spruce up your Christmas wonderland. They will function well as decorations on the tree proper, or on a wreath, or as part of a Christmas diorama, on your table top or a window. If you run a business, they will make a great addition to a window piece or Holiday display. The possibilities are endless. Other than that, they are fun and attractive in their own right.  A link to the free pattern is below photos.

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Skills: Easy       Designer: TLH Patterns

Simply Stunning Christmas Tree

Go to the pattern:

 Simply Stunning Christmas Tree


Christmas Tree Ami Free Crochet Pattern

As an alternative, or addition, you should explore the more amigurumi – style Christmas Tree Ami – it’s also a great way to put your Christmas spirit on display.

Skills:  Easy               Designer: Holly Faith Salzman


Ami Christmas Tree Free Crochet Pattern

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Go to the pattern:

Christmas Tree Ami


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