Flora Viola Sweater in 6 sizes Free Crochet Pattern


You must try this pattern! Beautifully designed with lace and A – shape pattern fits all sizes. You can easily find a desire size among 6 sizes from S to XXL. I love yarn color which was used to make this sweater – plum color of Garnstudio DROPS Puna highlighting a fair complextion, but you can use any color your like to match your taste. Link to the pattern is below.

Skills: Easy to Intermediate  Designer: DROPS design

Flora Viola Sweater in 6 sizes Free Crochet Pattern

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Flora Viola Sweater

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  1. I have tried to get a ton of FREE patterns off this website and There is no pattern only pictures you click on for the Free pattern t says and it takes you back to the same type of stuff. There are buttons to download a PDF reader which my computer already has. How the heck can I get free patterns off this site.A few other sites do the same thing. TY

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