A woman is holding a crocheted bag with tassels.

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This amazing crocheted bag looks very stylish. A chevron or “flame” motif gives it a sophisticated look. The pompoms and tassels are optional, but they give it a boho, on-trend vibe. This tote will be a perfect and unique addition to your outfit. Check it out! For more free designs every day follow us on Facebook. Link to the free pattern is below.
 Flame stitich bag free crochet pattern
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Flame Stitch Bag- Free Crochet Pattern is here.

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  1. Mabel Green says:

    I always appreciate your beautiful crochet free patterns.


  2. Evangelina Urdapilleta says:

    Gracias por mostrar tan bellas labores. Voy a tratar de entrar al facebook. soy una abuelita que le cuesta un poco la tecnología, no me doy por vencida. Gracias nuevamente.

  3. Kerry Yeaman says:

    These are quite beautiful thank you so much

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