Festive Towel Toppers

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Dress up your towels!

Even though Christmas is over, there’s no reason not to dress up and deck out the home, including the towel racks. Regardless of the season, you can get your hanging towels, be they bathroom or kitchen ones, into the into a fun mood. Of course, because your life is so busy, these patterns need to be easy and fun. And indeed, they are a great interlude between your other, more involving projects. To summarize, whatever the holiday, there’s the correct towel topper for it. To summarize towel toppers are where it’s at in terms of decorating and crocheting.

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Bunny Towel Topper

This towel topper is absolutely amazing! Moreover, since t’s made to really show off your springtime spirit, it’s also easy and beginner friendly. Consequently, the simple separate panels are a cinch to put together.

SkillsEasy           Designer: Tonya Bush

Bunny Towel Topper

Go to the pattern: Bunny Towel Topper

Sunflower Towel Topper

The Rustic Sunflower Towel Topper is a free crochet pattern on my blog. Unique construction with a 3” ring crocheted into the back panel allows the towel to be removable for easy washing.

SkillsEasy           Designer Tonya Bush

Sunflower Towel Topper

Go to the pattern: Sunflower Towel Topper

Heart Towel Topper

A heart-shaped towel topper will be a quick project to put your house into the Valentine’s Day mood. A set of 3 towels with hand made toppers will makes a great gift, and not only for Valentine’s Day.

SkillsEasy           Designer Jessica Underwood

Heart Towel Topper

Go to the pattern: Heart Towel Topper

Gnome Towel Topper

While they are generally associated with Christmas, much like a puppy gnomes are forever. Better still, since they’re quite large, these towel toppers will be perfect as a high vis centerpiece in your bathroom

SkillsEasy           Designer Tonya Bush

Gnome Towel Topper

Go to the pattern: Gnome Towel Topper

Chicken Towel Topper

While really early in the year, these festive towel toppers will be perfect for any time, not just for Thanksgiving. Indeed, you can make them more chicken-y and they’ll be ideal for Easter.

Chicken Towel Topper

Go to the pattern: Chicken Towel Topper

Daisy Towel Holder

Next, here are some beautiful towel toppers that’s just perfect for spring. Of course, it’s also great for making a hint of spring during the dead of winter. At any rate, this is a fun, colorful and joyous project for the next little while.

Daisy Towel Holder

Go to the pattern: Daisy Towel Holder

More info about project photographed on Ravelry.

Winter Tree Towel Topper

So, here is another one of these beautiful festive towel toppers. That said, this one is more universal, and will be just perfect as an evergreen for any fun and playful get up.

winter tree towel topper

Go to the pattern: Winter Tree Towel Topper

Snowman Towel Topper

Here is another pattern from amongst many towel toppers. This one is by Nana’s Crafty Home. Funny and joyful, I’m sure this one will be a kids’ favourite.

Snowman Towel Topper

Go to the pattern: Snowman Towel Topper

Towel Topper

Turkey Towel Topper

Go to the pattern: Towel Topper

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