Crocheted farmers market tote bags with flowers.

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Let’s prep for the farmer’s market

So, with the various harvest seasons approaching wouldn’t it be nice to have a dedicated, thematic DIY bag to take to the local sellers? Of course it would and so here are some farmers market bag patterns to choose from. While certainly they could be used for any shopping or other outing, the main goal is to hit the healthy food gettin’ spot in style. Moreover, these are also quite simple projects, so don’t worry about attempting them if your skills are still developing. However, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy both the making and the using.

Farmers Market Bag

Firstly, we have this lovely, classic number with a lacy, airy texture and a reinforced bottom and hem. Nevertheless, this is a very functional and collapsible bag that can be carried everywhere until needed.

Skills:  easy      Designer:  Brittany Coughlin

Farmers Market Bag

The full article about this pattern and photo source: Just Be Crafty

Market Bag

However, if you like a more fishnet-style farmers market bag, here is one for you. That said, the bag is plenty strong to carry anything you need, but to do it with panache. Furthermore, as is indicated in the pictures, it’s also perfect for the beach.

Skills:  easy      Designer:   Yarnspirations

market bag

The full article about this pattern and photo source: Yarnspirations.

Farmer’s Market Tote

Next, we have yet another classic farmers market bag. While this is less a shopping bag and more a tote, there is definitely great vegetable toting (ha, ha!) potential here.

Skills:  easy      Designer:  Kara McKinley

Farmer's Market Tote

The full article about this pattern and photo source:

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