Stained Glass Square Blanket

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Put some beautiful color anywhere around the home

Truly, who doesn’t love all the intricacy stained glass windows? Well, for those of us who do, these beautiful squares are just the most beautiful thing, ever. They are evocative of a traditional church or country home window, with richly colored panels interspersed with „leaded” supports. Therefore, because these squares have rounded-off corners, the finished blanket appears translucent and truly looks like a real stained glass pane.

Stained Glass Square

To begin with, here is one of the most unique Stained Glass Squares out there and it is waiting for you to reinterpret it your way. So, prepare some black yarn and a palette of your favorite bright colors and let your imagination run free. You will create real magic, without a doubt! The link to the free pattern is under the photo. Overall, the squares are super evocative of the most beautiful stained glass windows, and leave tons of room for your imagination.

Skills:  Easy    Designer:  Erin SharpINI

Stained Glass Square

Go to the free pattern: Stained Glass Square

More info about project photographed here.

Light Fantastic Square

Next, continuing the Stained Glass Squares theme, here is a a bright, simple geometric square based on the octagonal motif in “Painting with Light”. Overall, this is something which is infinitely modifiable. However, if you make the “lead” contrast with the colors, it will truly have that stained glasss effect.

Light Fantastic Square

Go to the free pattern: Light Fantastic Square

Stained Glass Flower Blanket

Finally, here is a very different take on stained glass squares. Indeed, this blanket takes the colored glass and puts them between very thin dividers. Therefore, the focus is on the interplay of colors, less so than the shapes defined by the lines. Either way, it’s a beautiful pattern.

Stained Glass Flower Blanket

Go to the free pattern: Stained Glass Flower Blanket

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