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Let’s put the crowning touch on the mountain of cuteness that is a baby.

Here are some fall-themed sets to really get your little ones into the Halloween and Thanksgiving groove. It’s not just pumpkins, but additionally ghosts, bats and sundry other creepy-crawlies. Let your imagination run wild and, consequently, and thus let your child experience the magic of the season. Moreover, these are easy and fun projects to make and you’ll get a great kick out of embodying them. Consequently you can outfit a bunch of kids for the fall and let them all have fun.

Pumpkin Newborn Set

Remember the cabbage patch kids? Well, it’s heading into the fall, Halloween is nigh, so here is a fall-themed  set for a pumpkin patch kid. This green and orange set will surely put your youngest in the spirit of the season.

Skills: Easy        Designer: RaeLynn Endicott

Pumpkin Newborn Set

The full article about this pattern is here:

Pumpkin Newborn Set

Interchangeable Button-On Headband

Here is a great way to use removable appliques to enable a single garment to be used for different occasions. Just take a new applique, and presto, snap it into place to change the look. Therefore treat it like lego!

Interchangeable Button On headband

Skills: Easy        Designer: Stitch11

The full article about this pattern is here:

Button-On Headband

Pretty Pumpkin Baby Booties

Baby booties are just the pinnacle of cuteness. In addition to being a fun item to make and give, these ones are also super festive and apropos of the season. This booties will be a great addition to any fall-themed set.

Skills: Easy        Designer:  Olivia Kent

Pumpkin Booties

The full article about this pattern is here:

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  1. Paula Sibert says:

    Love the looks of Halloween.

  2. Robert and Roberta Spielvogel says:

    Absolutely adorable!! Keep creating….you’re obviously good at it. A talent that shouldn’t be wasted!

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