Crocheted essentials tote bags.

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There’s just something so special about crochet totes.

Although you may think a tote bag is a bit bath salts, there’s no denying that an essentials tote bag is just about the most useful crochet project you can have. Not only are they a way to carry all your essentials and non-essentials to wherever you need to go, they are also a way to make quite a fashion splash. However, it’s sometimes a problem which tote project to choose, and some are definitely better than others. Therefore, here are a recent few that we think are particularly worthy of attention. Overall, each one is quite an easy project, and best of all is highly customizable to suit your taste and look.

Star Stitch Tote

The first essentials tote bag we have is the star stitch tote. Indeed, this is a project on the fancier side of this category. In particular, the reinforced edge, bottom and handles are a very good feature.

Star Stitch Tote

The full article about this pattern is available on blog:

Tote Bag

However, you can’t ho far wrong with a classic, simple essentials tote bag. Thus here is one that’s just about the most traditional design that will fit a boho-inspired get up perfectly.

tote bag

The full information about this project are on blog:

Tote Bag

Dot’s Little Ditty Bag

Next, we have this little essentials tote bag which can double as a tiny handbag. While this isn’t a classic tote, it’s certainly a little sister to them.

Dot's Little Ditty Bag

The full Youtube tutorial about this pattern is on

Tote Bag

For more info about project photographed visit Ravelry: miinemost’s project and  misswoollyknits’s project.

Essentials Project Tote

Finally, what essentials tote bag collection would be complete without a crochet project bag? It wouldn’t, so here is a crocheted tote for all your crochet project needs. Indeed, the project container demonstrates just how good the projects inside can be.

Essentials Project Tote

The full Youtube tutorial about this pattern is on blog:

Essential Project Tote Bag

more info about project photographed also here.

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