Textured baby blankets

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The cable stitch is a gorgeous technique

Indisputably, it is useful for making projects that have a richly textured, ridged surface that s wonderful to touch. However, it may be a bit much for beginners. Thus, here are some easier projects that achieve a similar effect and produce a textured baby blanket  equally  beautiful, yet easy at the same time. Although they look difficult, these patterns are definitely a great way to introduce yourself to cable-stitch projects. Indeed, why stop there?

Easy Beginner Cable BlanketFree Crochet Pattern

The easy beginner cable blanket is a wonderfully textured, corn-rowed blanket with a lovely, dense drape. It’s a great way for beginners into making cable projects without being adept at more advanced techniques. This is a great way to get crochet early starters into more advanced projects, and to have them make something beautiful to boot.

SkillsEasy        Designer: Pınar Çelik

Easy Beginner Cable Blanket

Go to the this project:

Easy Beginner Cable Blanket

Easy Textured Stripes Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Here is a lovely, easy blanket is is a great example of how to combine textures and colors. The variegated textures are set out in alternating bands, and the choice of colors further highlights the richness of the surface of the blanket. This is a wonderful project that beginners could use to really build their confidence, and simply a very nice piece for the rest of us.

Skills: beginner             Designer: Lauren Brown

Easy Textured Stripes Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Go to the pattern:

Easy Textured Stripes Baby Blanket

Butterfly Kisses Baby Blanket

The Butterfly Kisses baby blanket sports a wavy, intriguing look, a beautiful texture, as well as lots of coziness and warmth. What is more, it can grow with the baby through simple additions.

Skills: beginner             Designer:  Michael Sellick

Butterfly Kisses Baby Blanket

Go to the pattern:

Butterfly Kisses Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket with Shell Edging Free Crochet Pattern

If you are looking for a winter blanket inspiration, check these patterns out. The Baby Blanket with Shell Edging  is a great pattern for unexpected wind or chilly weather with decent texture to allow your baby to take a long outside nap during a winter walk.

Skills: beginner             Designer: Modern Grace Designs

Go to the pattern:

Baby Blanket with Shell Edging

The 6-Day Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The 6-day baby blanket is a quick project that uses wavy stripes of alternating colors to achieve a rolling, sea-like effect that’s gentle and soothing to the eye. The texture of this blanket is also quite a bit less pronounced than the cable blanket, while still being enough for little fingers to explore.

Skills: beginner             Designer: Betty McKnit

6-day Kid Blanket

photo source: Instagram

Go to the pattern:

The 6-Day Baby Blanket

Bobble Track Playblanket

This easy pattern combining a vivid colors and popcorn stripes. It surely will be an excellent play mat or blanket for any child.

Skills: beginner             Designer: Kirsten Ballering

Bobble Track Playblanket

Go to the pattern:

Bobble Track Playblanket

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