Free crochet Easter bunny slippers.

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Treat your feet to some comfort.

However, you can still keep it festive and fun. Easter is a great opportunity to make thematic decorations to your home. We make lots of bunnies, Easter eggs and Easter chickens to celebrate this holiday, but there is always room for more.

There are plenty patterns for useful Easter-themed kitchen towels, or Easter accessories to wear. So, when the time comes, why not to add some holiday spirit to your footwear collection? It’s a great pleasure to present you with a delightful selection of Easter-themed footwear ideas.

Let’s prepare for next year! Do you want cozy slippers to wear during your Easter morning coffee? Or maybe adorable baby booties to celebrate your little one’s first Easter? We got you covered.

To this end, here are fantastic free crochet patterns. They are easy to follow for crochetistas of all levels.

Handmade foot wear is an absolute treat. Warm and comfortable, they also make a fun and retro fashion statement. The additional benefit is that as a gift, they’ll be highly cherished. Let’s explore many Easter-inspired footwear ideas.

We’ll link step-by-step instructions, vivid images and helpful tips, so you can easily recreate dive right in. So, grab your crochet hooks, choose your favorite yarn colors, and let’s jump into the world of Easter footwear. Like mentioned before, it isn’t Easter for a while, but bunnies are great for the summer as well. And, of course, it’s best to be ready for next year as well.

Therefore here are some adorable Easter footwear ideas to help you accessorize.

They also will be a great addition to the Easter decor of your home.

Overall, these are great Easter free crochet patterns and will be a favorite with everyone, young and old alike. That’s why they can be used all year long, not only as a festive theme.

Better still, these cute crocheted pairs of shoes can be resized, so that big ‘n small hooves will fit inside.

Of course, in addition to the pattern itself, you can easy accessorize themas you see fit. It will truly make them your own. Indeed, every pair can be unique and special. Moreover, these are also easy patterns, so if you feel you might not be able to make them, don’t worry.

All you need is a yarn and a crochet hook. In most of the project an aran yarn (8 wpi) is recommended, rather than the popular worsted weight yarn (9 wpi). So grab your supplies and and make yourself ready for a next crochet journey!

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Sheepy Slippers

First, we have these lovely sheepy/lamb-like slippers. I think that lovely, sleepy lambs are perfect for spring-themed Easter footwear.

Designer: Brenda K. B. Anderson

Sheepy Slippers

The original pattern and the photos are available on Yarnspirations blog:

Sheepy Slippers

Bunny Slippers

Next, we have a perennial theme, the bunny, lovingly incorporated into Easter footwear. In particular, these crochet bunny slippers will be easy to resize, simply by working in some more rounds. The Bunny Slippers are made mostly with single crochet stitches.

Designer:  Sarah Shrimpton

Bunny Slippers

The original pattern and the photos are available on Let’s Knit blog:

Bunny Slippers

Bunny Boots Cuffs

Finally, here is a project that can change any boots into Easter footwear. Overall, these funny cuffs will add that bunny touch to those boring old Boggs or anything else with a tall cuff.

Designer:  Chrisette Designs

Bunny Boots Cuffs

The original pattern and the photos are available here:

Bunny Boots Cuffs

Baby Bunny Boots

Finally, something for the youngest. This cute bunny boots are sized from newborn to 3 months year old baby.

Designer: Steff Osborne

Bunny Ears Slippers

The original pattern and the photos are available here:

Baby Bunny Boots

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