Crocheted dishcloths and a bottle with a crocheted pattern, perfect for dish soap.

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Let’s decorate with little accents.

It’s common knowledge, that the character of a room’s decor is often determined by small accents. Thus, here is an idea, a dish soap dress, to put a little style and color into your kitchen, which often is a purely utilitarian place in the house. Of course, you can make these in any color that matches your own style or taste, but I think the ones shown are quite pretty. Moreover, you can make sets to cover all sorts of bottles and containers. Furthermore, such sets would also be great gift ideas, for example for a housewarming. Lastly, these are also very easy projects so that even a beginning crocheter can be a home decorator and quickly too.

Vintage Dress Potholders & Dish Soap Dress 

To begin with, here is a vintage-looking, traditional dish soap dress set. While they are very classic, they are also perfect for adding a timeless touch to a modern interior.

Skills: easy      Designer: Bag-O-Day Crochet

dishsoap dress

The full tutorial about this pattern you will find on Youtube:

Dish Soap Apron

Alternatively, here is a kitchen-themed dish soap dress. These lovely aprons will without doubt be prized little accents in the kitchen!

Skills: easy      Designer:  Jayda InStitches

dishsoap apron

The full tutorial about this pattern is on Youtube.

Dishsoap Apron

Although this dish soap dress is also apron-themed, it’s one with slightly denser stitching. In particular, I love the drawstring.

Skills: easy      Designer:  Vicki Mikulak

dishsoap apron

The full article about this pattern is on Ravelry:

Dishsoap Apron

More info about CorrineMB’s project, all tips and modifications you can find on Ravelry.

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