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I know, putting cute clothing on babies is like gilding a lily, but I just can’t help myself.

A cute baby set is always a hit, whether you want that viral photo on the web, or just an ultra-adorable accoutrement for the sprog. These are all easy patterns with no real technical difficulties to stand in your way, but nonetheless with stunning aesthetic effects. There should, therefore, be no obstacles to you taking on these cutest of projects for the cutest of people… other than a lack perhaps of babies in the family. Of course, you can always prepare for a future arrival as well.

Pumpkin Newborn Set

Remember the cabbage patch kids? Well, it’s heading into the fall, Halloween is nigh, so here is a set for a pumpkin patch kid. This green and orange set will surely put your youngest in the spirit of the season.

Skills: Easy        Designer: RaeLynn Endicott

Pumpkin Newborn Set

The full article about this pattern is here:

Pumpkin Newborn Set

Turtle Love Free Crochet Pattern

This turtle shell blanket and beanie will keep your little guy or gal slumbering in the warm. Even better, it will give you that aaawwww! moment any time you look at them. A any rate, this easy and ultra-cute pattern will be a hit with the visitors, or a great present for a baby shower. Be careful though, when you make one everyone will want in on the cuteness.

Skills: Easy        Designer: Stitch11

Newborn Adorable Photo Set Free Crochet Patterns

The full article about this pattern is here:

Turtle Love

Cat Baby Cocoon Hat & Bootie Set – Paid Pattern

Anything can be an inspiration for a baby set. For example, here is a kitty cat set that is absolutely adorable. Therefore, since so many of us crochet fans are also cat lovers, here is a way to make your littlest one be like  cute little ball of fluff.

Skills: Easy        Designer: Chi Krneta

The full article about this pattern is here:

Cat Baby Cocoon Hat & Bootie Set

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