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Curtains are a very fitting project for spring.

Simultaneous with the first warm weather, we start to think about cleaning our houses and refreshing interiors. Consequently, we are eager for change, and what will be better to re-model your home and give it some more vibrant colors than colorful, vibrant curtains? Therefore, below you will find amazing inspirations and free crochet patterns to start your spring curtain project.

Flower Power Valance

Flower Power Valance is a great pattern to re-make your interiors and add a splash of color. It is also a perfect pattern in places where you need a non standard shape or size of a curtain.  Indeed, with this pattern you can easily hide the window’s frame, soften the corners and at the same time leave as much window uncovered as you wish.

Flower POwer Valance

The full article about this pattern is here:

Flower POwer Valance

more info about  Raveltaja’s project here.

Lacy Heart Curtains Free Crochet Pattern

The lacy heart Curtain will be a great addition to a classic or rustic interior. Calm and elegant, it will definitely give you a crowning touch to your window without distracting your eyes from other decorations.

Lacy Heart Curtains

The full article about this pattern is here:

 Lacy Heart Curtains

Nostromo Bedspread or Curtain Free Crochet Pattern

With the Nostromo pattern, you will indisputably get a lot of creative possibilities. Its icicle shape makes it perfect for a curtain, when you can easily adjust to length by adding more squares.  You can also  easily adjust shape and make it asymmetrical, where each icicle will have a different length, or make it shorter in the middle of the frame and gradually prolong it to cover the vertical parts of the window frame.

The Nostromo pattern is also a great bedspread. You can easily make over an interior by adding  Nostromo curtains and a matching bedspread.


The full article about this pattern is here:

More info about project photographed here.

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    So pretty! I”m going to make this for my kitchen window. So bright and pretty!

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