Two crocheted pillows on a bed with free patterns.

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Crocheted pillows are a thing… a very beautiful and eye-pleasing thing everyone should have in their home.

We all like crocheted household accessories and decorations. In addition we like them even more if they are functional as well as decorative. One such are are pillows and cushions, which you can use to make yourself comfortable and to make your couches and armchairs look their best. Our collection of crochet pillow free patterns will give you some inspiration and a starting point to get you going . Have a look, try these on for size. Then, see where the crocheter’s pillow-making art can take you.

Mermaid Dreams Pillow Free Pattern

Here is a beautiful project that is a great way to get into crocheting pillows. These shell-stitched beauties are best made with a n ombre or multi-hued yarn. Moreover, the combination of the color and shell stitch is totally evocative of a mermaid’s scales and tail. This is a fun and fast project that will have your room decorated in no time.

Skills: Easy       Designer: Julie King

Mermaid Dreams Pillow

The full article about this pattern is here:

Mermaid Dreams Pillow

In Bloom CAL Pillow

Here is a next recommended crochet pillow free pattern. This project is a wonderful, -mandala inspired pattern with a lotus flower at its center. Furthermore, it’s an easy pattern and will be quick to make when you get into your groove. Additionally, you can vary the colors and make one that pleases you best: vibrant and energetic, or calming and serene. Therefore, the possibilities are endless, and only your imagination is the limit.

Skills: Easy  Designer:  Johanna Lindahl

The full article about this pattern is here:

In Bloom CAL Pillow

Yarn, hook and other details of Solveig’s project you can find > here<

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