A hand holding a crochet cow phone accessory and an owl phone accessory.

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Crocheting is a pleasant contrast with high tech

While crocheting may seem a little anachronistic in these high tech, fast-paced times, it can actually be a quite fitting complement to modern technology. Indeed, it can create useful, fun accessories for your advanced gadgetry, giving it a personal and homey touch. In view of this, we have collected some amusing and clever ideas for your iphone, ipad and different brand phone accessories. Additionally, we tried to concentrate on ones that are easy and quick, so that you can get up to speed quickly and enjoy your projects ASAP. Of course, you can modify these as you need, to really make them your own.

Airpod Cases

These airpod cases are a wonderful clever idea for your iphone. Although they are so very different from one another,  the duck, mallard, penguin, bear and rabbit patterns are all based off the same basic design, so a bit of creativity will result in any animal you wish.

SkillsEasy        Designer: Crocket Crochet

Airpod Cases

Go to the pattern:

Airpod Cases

More info about gpersons’s project

Ivy Cord for Your Phone

On the other hand, clever ideas for the iphone aren’t limited to cases. You have doubtless had a problem  with finding your ipad or phone cord at home when someone else “borrowed” it? Accordingly, here is a solution: a crochet-decorated cable cord giving your cable a personal and artsy look. In contrast to other “tags” which fall off quickly, this phone accessory stays in place and will be a joy to look for a long time.

SkillsEasy        Designer: Jonas Matthies

Ivy Cord

Go to the pattern:

Ivy Cord

Owl Cell Phone Cozy Idea

However, cases are a thing too, and this owl case with a button for a beak is absolute proof of this. Without a doubt this is one my favorite embodied clever ideas for your iphone.

SkillsEasy        Designer:  Linda Cyr

owl cell phone cozy

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Owl Cell Phone Cozy

More info about Poenut’s project


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