Four pictures of women wearing crocheted cocoon cardigans.

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As sung as a bug in a rug, but as beautiful as any butterfly.

Well, seeing as the weather suddenly took a turn for the worse, it’s high time that we start crocheting warm, bulky and comforting items. In this vein, cocoon sweaters are great because they’re thick, drapy and super comfy to wrap up in on a cold morning or evening. Although they are a fair bit of work due to their thickness and size, they are super rewarding to make. Needless to say, they are also extremely relaxing and fun to wear, and appreciated even more as favorite gifts.

Cocoon Sweater

This Cocoon Sweater is a great example of a project in this category. Overall, when Made with thick yarn, the pattern creates a richly textured, dense shrug for keeping your shoulders warm, whether it be in your favorite armchair at home, or a cool night at the cottage in front of the fireplace and a glass of something  heartwarming in your hand.

Designer: Michele Costa & 144 Stitches

Coccon Sweather

The full article about this pattern is here:

Cocoon Sweater

The Stonewash Shrug

A stonewash shrug for some stonewash jeans. yes please! This one will be a definite favorite. Indisputably, the luxurious and thick edge is what really sets this wonderful pattern apart.

 Designer:  Jess Coppom

the stonewash shurg

The full article about this pattern is here:

The Stonewash Shrug

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