Flower Pot Holder Free Crochet Pattern

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The Camomile plant is not only a useful plant with medicinal and cosmetic properties, and a tasty tea but also a beautiful motif for decorating other projects. Whether you do it in the classic yellow center and white petal configuration, or you go creative with the colors, it’s sure to be a beautiful, hand or both crocheted piece.

Flower Potholders Coasters Free Pattern

Crochet Flower Coasters The Best Ideas

Camomile Pot Holders

Camomile Pot Holders is a perfect project to add summer accents to your kitchen or dinning room. This fun and beautiful pattern gives you a lot of possibilities for making your own creations. You can use this pattern to make coasters as well. The original pattern is in German, but you can follow the English translation. A link to the free pattern and its translation is at the end of the post.

Skills: Easy    DesignerCreadoo

Camomile Flower Coaster Free Pattern

Daisy Coasters

These Daisy Coasters, based on this pattern, are a great example of how this wonderful, classic pattern can be made into an exciting addition to a modern decor. Make these, enjoy using them with your drinks, or just pleasing the crowd. They are great, and will also make a fabulous gift set.

Daisy Coaster Free Pattern


More Camomile

Below, you can find even more embodiments of this fabulous design. These highly classy embodiments would not be amiss in a fancy home, and definitely will be well received at a bridal shower or birthday.

Camomile Potholder

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Go to the pattern:

US: Camomile Pot Holder  Original: Gehäkelter Topflappen

More info about Kudepihha’s project

Hiroko’s Daisy Coasters

Yumi project


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  1. Rosanna M. says:

    Lovin’ the Chamomile pot holders!!


  3. Paula Sibert says:

    So pretty and fun for rhe kitchen.

  4. Sherry Ann Castellano says:

    I love all of the crochet patterns. I wish was better at it.

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