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Bikini and Swimsuit Free Crochet Patterns

It’s time to hit the beach in style.

While perhaps not the most obvious combination, a crochet bikini and swimsuit pattern is just the thing to get summer into full swing. Moreover, bBecause of the specifics of such garments, these are easy, super quick projects that very nearly work up themselves. What’s more, they also don’t require a lot of yarns, so the only stash you need to bust is the one you already have. However, by no means does this mean that these are inferior. Indeed, these are fun, sexy and playful projects for you to enjoy making and wearing.

Coctail Swimsuit

This crochet bikini and swimsuit combo is undoubtedly one of the neatest out there. Although it’s very definitely a bikini with a top and bottom, it’s also a one-piece swimsuit, the best of both worlds.

Skills: intermediate      Designer:   Filipa Carneiro

Coctail Swimsuit

The full article about this pattern is here:

Cocktail Swimsuit


Pineapple Fantasy Bathing Suit

Without a doubt, this amazing crochet bikini and swimsuit combo is another amazing piece. Overall, the combination of alternating textures, voids and curve-hugging shape gives it a fantastic and vibrant quality.

Skill: Intermediate     Designer: D Crochet

Pineapple Fantasy Bathing Suit

The full article about this pattern is here:

Pineapple Fantasy Bathing Suit

Info about ReneeVee’s version and the photos – on Ravelry.


Adria Bikini

However, a crochet bikini and swimsuit need not be a fantastic or fancy project. In fact, this simple and classic bikini project is more than enough to get you into beach mode. It’s straightforward, beautiful and timeless.

Skill: easy     Designer: Fashion Martina

adria bikini

The full article about this pattern is here:

Adria Bikini

Info about Blackplanet’s modifications and the photos – on Ravelry.


What yarn to choose for a crochet bikini?

One thing is certain – don’t go for 100% cotton or other yarns that highly take water in, because you’ll end up with soggy and heavy bikini that slides off your body. Yarns for crochet swimsuits should be acrylic or blends – you can even find yarns that are made especially for this purpose.

Can beginners crochet a bikini?

Of course, because it’s basically two triangles, right? You don’t need any fancy techniques – all you need are proper yarn, crochet hook and basic crochet stitches.

Crochet bikini or a crochet swimsuit?

Why not both? It’s good to have options, right? Well, it’s a question you’ve got to discuss with yourself, because it all depends on how you feel in each of them. One thing is certain – you are beautiful and nothing should stop you from enjoying your time on the beach!


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YOlanda Carr 15 March 2023 at 4:18 am

I had an experience with crocheting in school and would like to renew my interest in it now that I am already retired from. Work. I’d like to start learning how to crochet bikinis or 1 piece swimsuits.


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