The Best 10 Butterfly Motifs and 7 Crochet Patterns Free

Because of their beauty and wild colors, butterflies are a frequent decorative motif and are a particular favourite amongst crocheters. They can be stitched directly into a pattern, used as a repeating pattern, or as a single decorative motif attached to a larger work.
Please see the 10 best butterfly patterns we have selected. Most of them (the first 7) you can download for free. The remaining 3 we present as ideas for your projects or inspirations.
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3-D Butterfly [Free Crochet Pattern]:

More about this pattern > here. The diagram of the violet butterfly is here.

Crochet Swallow-Tailed Butterflies [Fee Pattern]

More about this pattern >>> here.

Beautiful Butterfly [Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial]

More about this pattern >>> here.
Butterfly Blanket [Free Crochet Pattern]

More about this pattern >>> here.

Granny Square with Butterflies Motif [Free Crochet Pattern]


More about this pattern >>> here.

How to Crochet Butterfly – Video Tutorial



More about this pattern >>> here.

Butterfly Applique from Crocheted Hearts [Free Pattern]
More about this pattern >>> here.
Butterfly Afghan [Crochet Pattern]:

The pattern can be downloaded after sign in >>>> here.

The little fox butterfly [Crochet Pattern]:

 More about this pattern >>> here.

“Butterfly Effect” Lagoon:

Inspiration only (there is no pattern available) >>Crochet Jacket with a butterfly applique.

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