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Beauty of Round Blanket Free Crochet Patterns

No Wool Left Behind Blanket

Round blankets are a great way to get rid of unused stashes of yarn, because as you work your way from the center, you can start with much shorter lengths of yarn. But, and it’s a big but, they are a great design in their own right. They are much better suited to spaces that are closer to square than rectangular, and also add a fluid, organic look to modern, straight-edged interiors and, of course, the possibilities of modifying them are endless, so you can really express yourself through such a project.

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No Wool Left Behind Free Crochet Pattern

The Mo Wool Left Behind blanket is a great example of the combination of the above characteristics. It’s a beautiful densely stitched blanket with a lovely crenelated edge, but it also uses up those pesky too-short-to-use, but too-long-to-throw-out lengths of yarn that always seem to accumulate. In these times of quarantine or limited movement, it’s a great comfort that you can crochet big, beautiful projects without having to run to the yarn store every 20 minutes.
Skills:  Easy    Designer: Johanna Lindahl
No Wool Left Behind

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No Wool Left Behind


Spin Me Around Throw Free Pattern

This is a hypnotic and mesmerizing circular blanket that works up very rapidly and comprises a simple, iterating pattern that advances as rows are added, increases as you go. The size is arbitrary, from about a foot across, all the way to a bedspread or larger.


Skills: Easy  Yarn: Stylecraft Batik Swirl    Designer  Catherine Bligh

Spin Me Around Throw Free Crochet Pattern
Photos: Catherine Bligh

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Spin Me Around

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