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Beautiful Pineapple Baby Dress for Summer Free Crochet Patterns

A cute baby dress in one of the most adorable crocheted items you can make

Together with the natural understatement of a little lady, the final effect is always satisfying. Therefore, as the weather is becoming warmer and warmer, it’s the best time to start a baby dress project. As with any baby item, you only need relatively small amount of yarn. Also, you will be able to finish this project in no time. So, here are some ideas of a particular kind of baby dress: a pineapple frock. For more ideas for baby dress free crochet patterns visit

Cute Baby Dress Free Crochet Patterns

or Adorable Butterfly Kisses Baby Dresses.

But let’s get back to the pineapple frock baby dress. Below you will find 2 patterns. Although totally different, both dresses have a pineapple finish at the bottom of the dress, which gave them very sophisticated look and makes a nice, spreading edging.

Pineapple Frock Dress

This baby dress pattern is written for babies 12-24 months. The pattern is very stylish and modern. The structure of the stitches makes it airy enough even for sunny summer days. Together with the written pattern, you can follow a video tutorial, so there is no excuses for you not to start today!

Pineapple Frock Dress

 The original pattern and the photos are available at Crochet Crosia :

Baby Pineapple Frock Dress


Pineapple Frock Baby Dress

Here is a great idea not only for baby dress, but for a cute baby combo set. Together with booties and a hat, this dress will make any young lady appear a princess. The pattern is  quite easy and is foreseen for a 2 year old girl, but you can adjust it for a bigger or smaller size.

Pineapple Frock Baby Dress

The original pattern and the photos are available at Crochet Corner:

Pineapple Frock Baby Dress


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