Baby Princess Outfit

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She is a little princess, so you’d better dress her like one.

Indeed, it’s obvious that your little girl is a little princess. So, she deserves nothing but the best. Obviously, the best is a baby princess dress hand crocheted by Mom or Grandma. To this end, we have put together a small selection of particularly excellent patterns. Surely, these will make HLH (her little highness) reach the top of her fashion game. After all, you know that when she can say so, she’ll tell you. So, why not treat her and yourself? Moreover, these are all quite beginner friendly patterns that will really help the newbie advance, but will also be a pleasant distraction and a canvas for mods for the veteran. Finally, need gift ideas? Well, here are a few 😀

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Baby Princess Dress

Truly, the cuteness factor of this dress is astounding and off the scale. In particular, the frilly collar like is out of this world, proving a simple touch can go a long, long way.

Baby Princess DressThe original pattern is available at Ravelry:

Baby Princess Dress

Elegant Baby Dress

Next, this baby princess dress is a shot towards elegance and fanciness. Undoubtedly, the little button binding together the crossed shoulders under the neck is an absolute jewel.

Elegant Baby Dress

The original pattern is available here:

Elegant Baby Dress

Princess Crown

Of course, what baby princess dress would be complete without a crown? Therefore, here is a crown pattern that you can use to match the dresses. Overall, this is a simple and quick little accessory that will totally light up HLH’s eyes.

Princess Baby CrownThe original pattern is available at Ravelry:

Princess Crown

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