Two pictures of crochet flower appliques on a table.

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Crochet flower appliques… do we have to say more? Flower appliques are a great way to jazz up any project, whether it be a crocheted blanket, a sweater, or anything else, including things that are not crocheted themselves. Spring is right around the corner, so we are getting ready! This collection of Charming Flower Appliques will surely make your craft-loving heart beat faster! We hope you have plenty of colorful yarn scraps in your stash. You will certainly need them! Even beginners will easily master these genius patterns, without a doubt. Don’t be intimidated! It’s time for new adventures! The links to free patterns are under the photos.

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Simple Flower Appliques – Free Crochet Patterns

Easy Flower Free Crochet Pattern

This easy crocheted flower is a lovely applique that’s really great, because it’s a flower with voids that highlight the structure, but has no border, frame, or background that would interfere with the project beneath. It really is wonderful as a decorative accessory and eye-catcher. The pattern is easy to follow because it is made as a video tutorial.

Easy Crochet Flower

The video tutorial is on YouTube:

Easy Flower

Applique Flowers Free Crochet Pattern

What a delightful pattern! Aren’t you enchanted? We were so happy to see it published by Gathered. We adore all the subtle colors that complete one another like a dream. What would you do with a set of these appliques?

Crochet Applique Fowers

The original pattern and the photos are on Gathered:


Darling Flower Face Round Free Crochet Pattern

We have just become big fans of Tender Warm Creations! How wonderful is this pattern for little floral appliques? We are absolutely enchanted! You can use these wonders as decorations or face scrubbies.

Flower Crochet Scrubbie

The original pattern is on Tender Warm Creations:

Darling Flower Face Round

More info on Ravelry here. Photos on @tenderwarmcreations’ Instagram here and here.

How to Make Crochet Flowers

Could this pattern for crochet flower appliques get any more adorable? We certainly doubt that! If you are looking for something super easy and relaxing, you have just found your match. What colors are you going to use this time? My Crochet Space rocks!

Crochet Flowers

The original pattern and the photos are on My Crochet Space:

How to Make Crochet Flowers

More info on Ravelry here.

Decorative Floral Appliques – Free Crochet Patterns

Mother’s Day Flower Brooch

These little gems are making our jaws drop every time we look at them! Don’t you feel the same? You are certainly on your way to the craft store already. Decorate your appliques with shiny beads. It will make them even more elegant! We adore Little Doolally so much.

Flower Brooch

The original pattern and the photos are on Little Doolally:

Mother’s Day Flower Brooch

Dahlia Free Crochet Pattern

The patterns by Golden Lucy Crafts are always so charming! We adore crocheting all the little appliques she designs and decorating our projects. A set of crochet dahlias will lift your spirits this spring! Get them ready!

Dahlia applique

The original pattern and the photos are on Golden Lucy Crafts:


More info on Ravelry here.

Flower Applique Free Crochet Pattern

This Flower Applique also has no background as such, but the flower is somewhat 3D. Well, call it 2.5D, and the lowermost layer of petals is its own backdrop against the foreground petals. This pattern leaves you lots of room to experiment with color combinations in order to match just about any other project or item.

Flower Applique

The original pattern and the photos are on Crafty CC:

Flower Applique

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