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For a taste of your childhood…

Truly, there can be no more traditional toy than a traditional rag doll, a time-honored and loved classic. Thus, we wanted to make a collection of these beginner-friendly amigurumi doll patterns. Indeed, no matter her age, whether she’s 3 or 63, every little girl will appreciate a handmade doll. Consequently, for the young little girls, this will be an introduction to a wonderful new world, and for the older little giurls this will be a trip doun nostalgia lane. Either way, good emotions are sure to follow. Therefore, take a breather from “serious” projects and make a special princess in your life very happy, even if that special princess is you. Without a doubt, you will not regret it..

Doll with a Backpack

To begin with, here is a sweet amigurumi doll with a beautiful blue skirt and blouse. Moreover, given her curly mop top, she’s sure to be a favorite toy and nighttime companion. In addition, her little backpack makes a completely accessorized doll, perfect for an outing to school or for that long car trip. In particular, I love the timeless feel and classic styling.

Go to the pattern: Amy DollĀ 

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Lulu Doll

However, the amigurumi doll doesn’t have to be a strictly true to form classic. Thus, here is a pattern for a more modern take. Overall, the Lulu doll will be a wonderful way of crocheting a series of dolls with different accessories and of different sizes. Of course, you can take these dolls and do them up in a classic fashion, but really, there is just so much room to work with in the modern style as well.

Go to the pattern: Ā Lullu Doll.

Emma Doll

Our next beautiful amigurumi doll is a classic design with a modern twist. Overall, theĀ Emma Doll is a beautiful candidate for your daughter’s best friend. She measures approximately 26 cm (10 in) high, so she’ll be a perfect playtime companion.

Go to the pattern: Emma DollĀ 


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