Two pictures of crochet pumpkins hanging on a wall for fall decorations.

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Are you in the mood for decorating? Add a charming boho vibe to your interiors and put all the members of your lovely family in great moods!

Well then, who is in the mood for some decorating? Autumn-inspired crochet garlands and wall hangings are surely in high demand right now! The new season is coming and we are all feeling like changing a thing or two around us, right? Obviously! With this in mind, we have been searching for crochet patterns for Boho Decorations for Fall that make our hearts beat faster. We can safely say the mission has been a complete success! Will you agree? Check out the examples we have selected and let us know! The links to free patterns are under the photos.

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Boho Wall Hangings with Free Crochet Patterns

Saguaro Wall Swag

This beautiful crochet wall decoration is great not only for fall! What do you like about it the most? The boho vibes are so irresistible, right? We certainly think so! The patterns by Hustle and Hook are so modern and one of a kind. Check them all out ASAP!

Cactus Decoration

The original pattern and the photos are available on Hustle and Hook:

Saguaro Wall Swag

Boho Wall Hanging

What a beautiful pair of colors! Inkugurumi has an awesome taste for crochet decorations for fall, without a doubt. This pattern is fabulous alone or as a banner, to hang on the staircase, banister, or fireplace. It will work perfectly all year round but also as a special seasonal decoration.

Crochet Wall Hanging

The original pattern and the photos are available on Inkugurumi:

Boho Wall Hanging

More info on Ravelry here.

Pumpkin Spice Wall Hanging

Have you had your first pumpkin spice latte yet? Guess what? The awesome author behind High Desert Yarn designed a wall hanging that celebrates the legendary autumn drink. How cool is that? We surely want one! It is so simple and yet so charming.

Pumpkin Wall Hanging

The original pattern is available on High Desert Yarn:

Pumpkin Spice Wall Hanging

More info on Ravelry here. The photos are on @highdesertyarn‘s Instagram here and here.

Autumn Garlands with Free Crochet Patterns

Rustic Crochet Pumpkin Garland

Halloween is coming and pumpkins and other crochet decorations for fall will soon be everywhere! This pretty crochet garland will surely decorate your house like a dream even after the spookiest of holidays. Even beginners will master this pattern by The Knotted Nest. It’s a keeper, trust us!

Pumpkin Garland

The original pattern and the photos are available on The Knotted Nest:

Rustic Crochet Pumpkin Garland

More info on Ravelry here.

Fall Leaf Garland

Autumn has come and colorful leaves will soon be flying in the chilly air. If you want to keep them a little longer, crochet wonderful decorations for fall. Something just like this garland by Erin Sharp! The Fall Leaf Garland is pretty and so easy to make. Perfect for a quick, fun project for beginners.

Fall Leaf Garland Free Crochet Pattern

The original pattern and the photos are available on The Cookie Snob:

Fall Leaf Garland

More info on Ravelry here.

Autumn Garland Free Crochet Pattern

Bring all the shades of fall into your interiors with these beautiful crochet garland bu Just Pootling. You don’t have to live in the countryside to make your house look like a haven among the trees. You will surely create an unforgettable atmosphere in your home with this handmade autumn garland.

Autumn Leave Decoration

The original pattern and the photos are available on Just Pootling:

Autumn Garland

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  1. VICKI HOGAN says:

    I am retired and like/love to crochet. Your site has really great freebie patterns. I want the fall leaves to decorate for Thanksgiving. Yours are the best I’ve seen.

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